Pull with TAHLO!

Biking, skiing, sledding, skating and much more...

TAHLO is a simple accessory that helps even the playing field during family trips or sports. A steep hill by bike or longer cross-country trips will no longer be a struggle for your little ones, but huge amounts of fun! Simply attach them to your bike or to yourself and help them overcome the most difficult of obstacles. Discovering new horizons, making new memories and taking longer adventures. Together.

TAHLO is an essential add-on to a kids bike or electro-bike for a very reasonable priceAdditionally, its versatility goes far beyond biking...

just 190 Gramms

practical and tiny

superfast installation

flexible = comfortable & safe

There are already several similar products on the market - So why use TAHLO?

100% Czech company 100% Czech production

TAHLO is made of components manufactured by local Czech companies and is completely assembled in the Czech Republic.

Our quality is unbeatable

All of TAHLO's materials have been tried and tested over 4 seasons by 30 adventurous and demanding families. We are simply crazy about quality - and it shows!

Immediate replacement guarantee

In the unlikely event that any defects appear on your TAHLO, we`ll exchange it for you without any hesitation. That's our promise!

TAHLO is affordable

Although TAHLO is made with first-class, quality materials, it is not expensive. With it being locally sourced and produced, the savings of international shipping, brand royalties and import fees are passed on to the end-users. 

Clear advantage over the competition

TAHLO leaves the solid traction structures and wire rods alternatives far behind. As it is affordable, simple to install, light-weight to carry, small and compact to store, and most importantly the child remains an active rider and not just a passenger along for a ride. Also it does not sleep in the winter!

Just one TAHLO for every purpose

Unlike others, TAHLO doesn't care whether it is warm, cold, damp or raining wheelbarrows. If you are small, large, tall, cycling, e-biking or skiing. TAHLO likes all the weathers, seasons, weights and sports. So you only need JUST ONE. Isn't it Wonderful? ;-)

We listen and react

In the last 3 years, we have continued to improve and further develop our products based on your suggestions. Keep them coming!.

For the Love of Nature

Locally sourced and produced - we don't produce in China and we don't ship TAHLO across the oceans. And that's enough.

A simple idea re-engineered - TAHLO

TAHLO is based on the common principle of a rubber band that has been with us for decades.

A long time ago, our dads pulled us around using the rubber bands that were originally designed for attaching luggage to car roof-tops. And we thoroughly enjoyed it!

We have taken this simple idea and applied today's technology and material design so that we may continue the adventure. The elastic part of TAHLO ensures maximum comfort for the person that is being pulled - while the indestructible polyamide casing provides maximum safety and can endure massive pulling forces.

When in use, TAHLO can extend to almost 5 metres. It shrinks back when you slow down and the pulling force decreases. Due to its construction, it will never become tangled to you or your bike.

When compared to the hard-fixture pulling devices, TAHLO does not take away the responsibility for actively maintaining balance and steering the bike from your kids. That means that even while being TAHLO-ed (pulled), your kids are still actively engaged and developing their skills. As a bonus, there are no screws and complicated installation.

Families already adding TAHLO to their adventures..

"I bought TAHLO for my youngest daughter, but it also works with my girlfriend. Very happy with the product. Thanks."



"We got TAHLO mainly for our cross-country skiing. Our kids are 3 and 5 and so we ordered two pieces. They work perfectly and prolonged our trips greatly! We look forward to testing them on our bikes during summer! "



"My daughter enjoys much longer trips thanks to TAHLO. We do recommend TAHLO."


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