How does it work?

1. Attach one loop of TAHLO to the saddle of the person in the front and the other to the handlebars of the person being pulled. If the loop cannot be attached to the handlebar, use the extension loop with a carbine (sold separately, explained below).

2. Agree on a common signal with your kid, for example "3-2-1 TAHLO!" after which you both start pedalling/steering.

Talk to each other while cycling - giving feedback like: slowing down, braking, I am going to stop, etc.

3. For sections of the route where you do not need TAHLO, it is best to hang it on your rucksack, back or handlebars. TAHLO can be easily stowed away.

Let`s go!

TAHLO accesories:

TAHLO typically work without any accessories, but.. 

It is possible to buy a quick release leash with a carabiner in our e-shop (PREMIUM or BASIC).

Together with the carabiner, you can then use it on handlebars that have completely smooth screw heads.

The PREMIUM loop can also be used to carry TAHLO arround.

Notice: Please always follow the instructions for usage and care. TAHLO requires coordination between front and rear cyclists (skiers, etc.). The tool does not prevent the risk of a fall or injury. While pulling a person, pay attention to the terrain and surrounding traffic. Inform the rear cyclist (skier, etc.), who may not have full visibility of obstacles. In case of a fall, stop immediately.

TAHLO cannot be used on motorways and roads intended solely for motorised vehicles. TAHLO can be used on other publicly accessible roads, provided that the skills of the driver, the volume of traffic and the external circumstances permit, taking into account the safety of all road users. TAHLO cannot be used without the supervision of an adult. The recommended maximum speed is 12 km/h.

Maintenance: Wipe the TAHLO with a damp cloth. After a "bigger adventure" you can hand wash it up to 30 ° C with a hand detergent.